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It doesn’t have to be all or nothing Unicorn Fuck Corona shirt . Even if you give her the benefit of the doubt and hold the view that she was taken advantage of by the bartender, you can also decide that her actions and decisions leading up to and after the event have made it impossible for you to maintain a relationship. You guys are young and you should fully consider all options without feeling like you owe it to someone to stay in a relationship. Life pro tip, you never do.

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Classic Ladies
Unicorn Fuck Corona  Hoodie
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Plus he had been feeding her drinks Unicorn Fuck Corona shirt . Whether or not she was planning on cheating, how this all went down is a sketch as hell to me (on the bartender’s part). I agree, but I’m also sketched out at how SHE acted. She brought the key to the house she was supposed to be dog sitting at a day earlier?  She told OP that it was staff only, even though it wasn’t, meaning she willingly hid that because they specifically tell you whether or not you can bring an extra to a staff party. Does she refuse to report him even though she claims he took advantage of her? And as for her phone having a password, the bartender could have easily just asked her or watched her enter it. The only thing I believe from her is that she was blackout drunk. There was too much “coincidence ” in my opinion for this too not be planned. This is incredibly well put. I would suggest asking for the picture details or to just see the pic because depending on the angle, he could have taken it.   Does she have a passcode? Did he know it? Why take a picture if people know this girl is drunk?  There’s a lot of weirdness in all of this story. OP did say that it was frustrating to have a conversation with her by 11 pm. She was fed more drinks after that and was suddenly coherent enough to take a picture and type a clean sentence into a group chat? Doesn’t sound right.
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