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Very uncomfortable Uncle Iroh 2020 shirt . I thought it would be ok with 2 small pillows, standard economy class sleeping fare (that u-shaped neck thing and a small pillow for lumbar). Nope. The bolsters remind you these are not made for sleeping. I attempted to sleep in my Miata. 0/10 won’t do it again. That road trip made me hate it so much I sold the damn thing. Dunno how comfy Miata seats are, but I’ve always wondered about 2 seaters with no room to recline.

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Uncle Iroh 2020  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Uncle Iroh 2020  Hoodie
Uncle Iroh 2020  Sweatshirt
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Must be a lot of hotel bills when road tripping, or literal camping but even then, not like there’s room for camping gear Uncle Iroh 2020 shirt . We did a 26-hour drive Laguna Seca back to Denver. I basically pulled the seat forward and leaned back as much as my legs would allow. It was obscenely uncomfortable and I slept for 20-60 minutes at a time. Worst trip ever. How about that change of driving culture from Idaho to Seattle. It’s like the most relaxed drivers to the most aggressive tailgaters. Awesome trip, I was planning a drive from Seattle down to San Diego in my Z. No cruise control and tons of exhaust fumes. My girlfriend suggests we should just take the Q50 instead. lol. I gotcha – Seattle traffic is a lot heavier than anything I saw in Idaho, and with crowds come desperation. But to be honest I think they’re pretty laid back compared to, say, Indianapolis or NY. Those guys made an impression I’ll never forget. Wow, you have a way with words, and pictures…and life. Dream car, beautiful trip. I’m going to make sure I cry all the way home from my dead-end job in my shit ass civic. Super jealous. FWIW you gave me a good laugh, thanks for that. Also, chin up, there was a time when a ‘shit ass civic’ was well out of my price range. Somehow that never bothered the ladies, any clue how I got away with that. Yeah, I like to jest about where I’m at but I know things will be different in the future. People like yourself make me dream for bigger things. Your trip sounds like exactly what I want in life, I’ll keep going till I get there. Thanks for the write-up.  Americans are lucky to have a state as beautiful as Montana is, I hope to visit one day and if I were to live in the US it would be my state of choice. It’s so large and comfy, with the perfect(by my standards) climate and breathtaking scenery.
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