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It’s a touching poem I love it Stay In Your Vault shirt . cause it has reviewed one element which is respect of a black woman in our society and holding on to our cultural beliefs.  Lovely piece of art, but bane, bemba, bemba, bemba some of us are tabula rasas in Bemba. You should try to be avoiding that… All in all, a good piece of art. Thank you, sir. Bemba is my mother tongue and I feel using it, enriches my work and gives it that local vibe you won’t hear anywhere else but Zambia. What’s your mother tongue sir?  Okay my bro, chilli fye bwino. Was thinking in the case of a Zambians listening to your piece of art. So they may find it difficult to get the good staff which is in Bemba. Otherwise, keep it up!!  I totally understand your view. But I think the international audience must appreciate our tongue too. See how we enjoy Nigerian music even when it’s in their language. On YouTube, I have put subtitles on the bemba parts though. I am almost speechless but that’s very thoughtful…we shouldn’t live under the shadows of white superiority…I want to be connected to you the writer…

Stay In Your Vault shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Stay In Your Vault  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Stay In Your Vault  Hoodie
Stay In Your Vault  Sweatshirt
Stay In Your Vault  Unisex

Splendid art Stay In Your Vault shirt . I used to think that poetry in Zambia died but today I have seen that poetry lives!! Let’s support our brother zombie!!!! Just like Nigeria’s support their own. Am black and dark but black girls have just charmed my Heart! They are so cute in my eyes. Nice inspiring words my guy. Keep on changing the perceptions of Zambian black girls with Low Self-esteem.# Black is Laka.  Perhaps I have not heard a lot but of all spoken word poems I have heard in Zambia. This brother has got to continue. This is the only poem I have listened to from start to finish, I can hear every word and that depth of meaning. Dear black woman. Nice piece.  Well articulated but need to compose a poem against counterfeit hair and promote the natural African hair. I salute you. that would affect ladies worldwide as almost all races do make use of counterfeit hair, nails, eyelashes even eyes.

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