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My heart breaks Halloween crazy horror lady heart shirt . My son is mixed race and is 7. A few weeks ago he was on the bus with my mum and some horrible older ladies were racially abusive towards him. When they were confronted by my mum they just retorted “it’s a free country”! has such a sweet boy and is so loving towards everyone but this has definitely damaged his trust in adults now. I hate those women so so much. Yes I know what you mean, don’t worry … it takes it to another level of spite when you aim nasty comments at a defenseless child. My mum even started to defend him by saying “but he’s Catholic and goes to church”…and then she re realized he didn’t have to say anything because they were the ones in the wrong, not him.  Doing that to an adult is one thing but to a child! Shame on them! ( not saying its ok to a .adult).

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This has really upset me Halloween crazy horror lady heart shirt . How dare they say anything about your son!!! What horrible women they are! Hope he’s OK and your mum also is OK. T-shirt design near me. Thank you, ladies.  It just worries me that if this is their attitude, how are their children/grandchildren behaving towards people who aren’t like them…. hopefully they will have the good sense to understand we are all the bloody same underneath.  I feel the same and also very upset to think that people can be so cruel towards an innocent little child. How cold hearted nasty, Ugly and vindictive need a person be to do that. Good on your mum not to have let it pass without retaliation as these ugly people need to be given a mirror. I don’t blame you. Our strongest instinct is to protect our children, so your answer is understandable. What hateful people.
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