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When he speaks Get In Losers Were Saving Halloweentown shirt . it’s as if he already read the question ago and has been studying it for an hour a day since then. He reminds me a bit of Bill Clinton and JFK (minus the philandering) in the sense that they always seem to know exactly what to say and do—not to say that he’s fake, but that he’s so insanely smart and dedicated that we can’t have this guy in the White House. I love that he is clearly very thoughtful about who he is speaking to – not necessarily directly like the moderators last night, but who he wants his audience to be.

Get In Losers Were Saving Halloweentown shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Get In Losers Were Saving Halloweentown  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Get In Losers Were Saving Halloweentown  Hoodie
Get In Losers Were Saving Halloweentown  Sweatshirt
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He knows how to frame progressive using conservative language which helps make those policies seem more reasonable to a broader range of people Get In Losers Were Saving Halloweentown shirt . In this field, the differences between policy stances are fairly small. So I look at it not like we are voting for a platform since they’re all largely the same…we are looking for a messenger. And I think Pete’s the guy. Speaking as someone who has Buttigieg in their top 3, the challenge for Buttigieg is to come off as authentic without sounding too much like a mechanical robot like Al Gore. Speaking with my father about this last night, we agreed that while he’s nowhere near Gore, he comes off very much. The biggest weakness to his I’ve heard thus far is his argument against funding higher education, which will bite him eventually: As much as we all rail against the rich, we can’t expect them to simultaneously pay progressive tax, but also not get the same benefits and access to public facilities. That teeters on discrimination. You can’t have it both ways: either flat tax, or progressive tax, but access to education. Buttigieg is very much an analytical and introverted person at heart. He can also be incredibly charismatic. He’s an amazing storyteller, but this debate stage is not the place for storie Pete hasn’t made millions of dollars and he is in six figures of debt. Its like complaining that Biden is too young or Bernie too moderate.
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