Elf Son Of A Nutcracker Ugly Christmas T-Shirt

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Somewhere along the Elf Son Of A Nutcracker Ugly Christmas T-Shirt . it became more about party politics than doing what’s best for the country/world and it sucks knowing my country’s the laughing stock of the world and that the corruption runs too deep for everyday Joes and Janes to do much about it. As an outsider, looking at US politic discussions it feels like I’m on some sports subreddit where everyone just supports their team regardless of anything just cause it’s their team. It never made sense to me, all this red vs blue, but without the respect, they show in the animation by the same name. My countrymen died hundreds of years ago so I’d have the right to run my own mouth, so why would I waste all that blood and breathe letting someone else tell me what to say and think?

Elf Son Of A Nutcracker Ugly Christmas T-Shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Elf Son Of A Nutcracker Ugly Christmas T-Shirt Classic Men's T-shirt
Classic Men’s
If the Republican party had to compete on two or three agendas, that ruthlessness might come in handy, tbh Elf Son Of A Nutcracker Ugly Christmas T-Shirt . But unchecked or balanced against only one other, it gets pretty extreme. Fuck both-sides-ism. Politics is about not having a perfect choice but having to make choices regardless. here is fucking easy. Sure democrats do shitty things sometimes, but it’s nowhere close to the fucked-up culture war the right has been waging for decades. Trump isn’t the cause, he’s a symptom. It was the fault of all Americans who didn’t bother to go to vote. 46.5% of eligible voters didn’t vote! Holy fucking shit. Your ancestors sacrifice their lives for you to have the right to vote. You all are lazy asses who can’t spend two hours to go to vote. It’s once every four years! Treasure your right to vote! Exercise your right to vote! Right now people in other countries are getting stabbed in the neck and getting hammered in the head, just to demand their rights to vote!
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