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Meanwhile Allen Diggs 2020 Bills Mafia shirt . former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon said Sunday night that he has also advised Trump to appoint special counsels to investigate allegations of election fraud and to investigate matters relating to Biden’s son, Hunter. “As I strongly recommended to the President, we need a special counsel named immediately — a special prosecutor just on election fraud and voter fraud, they’re two different things — election fraud and voter fraud — you need to do that immediately,” Bannon said during a livestream with conservative pastors on Sunday night. “In addition, he must announce a special prosecutor, name a special prosecutor to look at the Biden hard drive.”

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Bannon’s comments suggest that the former White House chief strategist is once again advising the President, even as he is under federal indictment and could be under consideration for a presidential pardon Allen Diggs 2020 Bills Mafia shirt . On the livestream, Bannon also said he does not believe Trump will attend Biden’s inauguration and that Trump “will never concede.” “He is not going to back down. He will never concede. And I will tell you in the small chance we don’t win this, he will never sit on that stage and participate in that inauguration, as he should not. This is an illegal effort that’s going on,” Bannon said. A day later, Bannon spoke on his own program, “War Room,” with Navarro, the trade adviser who officials say Trump is consulting frequently on his election fraud claims. Navarro said he’d been personally phoning lawmakers in six states where Trump and his team still hope to overturn the results. “There are a lot of traditional Republicans who don’t want to get on the Trump train. I can’t explain what’s going on in these state legislators except to say they don’t embrace economic nationalism and they’ve turned their back on the President,” Navarro said. On Monday, the split between the President’s official set of advisers and the informal group currently in his ear exploded into clear view. Speaking during a news conference at the Justice Department, Attorney General William Barr roundly pushed back against the President’s calls in recent days for a special counsel on voting or his supporters’ requests to consider seizing voting machines. Both are ideas floated by Powell and others who have spoken to the President in recent days. “I see no basis for seizure of machines by the federal government,” Barr said at his news conference. If he thought there was a need for a special counsel on voting fraud, Barr said, he would have already appointed one. “There is fraud, unfortunately, in most elections. I think we’re too tolerant of it,” he said. But in this election, Barr said, he stands by the finding that there was no systemic or broad-based fraud, a finding the President refuses to admit.
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